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Anti-Seize Paste

Due to high temperature use cases, the screws and nuts often get stuck to each other which makes it very hard to remove when necessary.
Anti-Seize pastes are mostly used on screws to avoid seizing. It can also be used on the surface of the Cartridge Heaters, it will help to remove the blown-out heater from the mold where it is used.

1 jar of copper based anti-seize paste is 100g (3,53 ounce)

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -30 °C → +200 °C/+1,100 °C
  • Press-fit: µ = 0.12, no chatter
  • Four-ball test rig (welding load): 2,800 N
  • Thread friction (M10/8,8): µ total = 0.09

Advantages and benefits

  • Allows reliable non-destructive dismantling even after longer operating period under high operating and ambient temperatures
  • Provides an optimal ratio of screw pretension and tightening torque
  • Electrically conductive

Areas of application

  • Assembling screw threaded connections subjected to high temperatures and corrosive influences
  • Screwed connections at pipe fittings, flange joints and fittings in superheated steam lines
  • Combustion chamber screwed connections and mounting bolts of gas and oil burners
  • Screwed connections at combustion engines, exhaust systems, silencers and exhaust gas pipe connections
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