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Why Cast-in Heaters?

When compared with conventional heaters:

  • The cast forms a single body which makes heating elements surrounded by the melted material (aluminium)

  • When the heating elements inside of the casted aluminium are powered up, it heats up the whole body

  • Cast-in heaters are massive and solid, thus when it has reached the desired temperature, it keeps the heat homogeneously

  • Because of the mass of the cast-in heaters, on/off intervals are much longer than conventional heaters, which makes the cast-in heaters energy saving and extends the life of the heating elements significantly

  • Our cast-in heaters includes stainless steel tubes for water-cooling, which is much better and efficient than air-cooling

  • With the combination of heating & cooling, it is possible to keep the temperature with high precision

  • Cast-in heaters are machined according to the dimensions of the barrel

Types of aluminium cast-in heaters:
  • Cast-in heaters without cooling
  • Cast-in heaters with water-cooling
  • Cast-in heaters with air-cooling (Finned Design)
  • Cast-in cooling (without heating)

  • Homogeneous heat transfer

  • Full surface contact

  • Longer life

  • Heat absorption

  • Water cooling

  • Precise heat control

  • Energy Saving

  • Up to 450°C (842°F) Surface Temperature. (for higher temperatures, prefer Brass material)

  • Custom cast shrouds are available upon request

cast-in barrel heaters
Aluminum Cast-in Barrel Heaters
Aluminum Exproof Cast-in Barrel Heaters
Cast-in Plate heaters
Aluminium Cast-in plate heaters
waterproof cast-in heater
Aluminum cast-in heater for packing
Aluminum cast-in heater for packing
Aluminium Cast-in Plate heater with watercooling
Aluminum Cast-in Plate Heaters
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