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Manufacturer of industrial electrical heating elements since 1974

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All you need for heating up your molds
faster than others

  • More power on smaller surface compared with conventional tubular heaters

  • Brass Cast

  • Up to 600°C (1100°F) Operation temperature

  • Easily replacable, without dismantling the mold

  • With Chrome&Nickel or similar coating options

Product CodesDescriptionDimensionsCross Referance Code:
MD S 0119 0057 10503010ICast Plate Heaters 1050w/230v119x57 mmHP0100BR
MD S 0094 0057 08503010ICast Plate Heaters 850w/230v94x57 mmHP0101BR
MD S 0069 0057 06503010ICast Plate Heaters 650w/230v69x57 mmHP0102BR
MD S 0074 0048 06003000ICast Plate Heaters 600w/230v74x48 mmHP0103BR
MD S 0124 0048 10503000ICast Plate Heaters 1050w/230v124x48 mmHP0104BR
MD S 0087 0040 06503000ICast Plate Heaters 650w/230v87x40 mmHP0105BR
MD S 0079 0071 09003000HCast Plate Heaters 900w/230v79x71 mmHP0106BR
MD S 0099 0071 11003040HCast Plate Heaters 1100w/230v99x71 mmHP0107BR
MD S 0116 0056 13003022HCast Plate Heaters 1300w/230v116x56 mmHP0108BR
MD S 0178 0056 20003022ICast Plate Heaters 2000w/230v178x56 mmHP0109BR
MD S 0116 0056 13003011ICast Plate Heaters 1300w/230v116x56 mmHP0110BR
MD S 0178 0056 20003001ICast Plate Heaters 2000w/230v178x56 mmHP0111BR
MD S 0174 0048 14003000ICast Plate Heaters 1400w/230v174x48 mmHP0112BR
manifold heaters

All cast-in manifold plate heaters will be used with Ø1,5mm mantle type thermocouple for controlling.

Cast-in brass plate heater
Cast-in brass plate heater

Brass Cast-in Heaters for Filter Manufacturing

  • High watt density

  • Brass Cast

  • Long Life

  • Up to 650°C (1200°F) surface temperature (up to 700°C/1292°F with Bronze)

  • Custom sizes available upon request

Iron cast
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